Thursday 19 December 2013

Taking The Challenge to Work

As Christmas draws closer the tension is building, and like many families across the globe, the panic is starting to set in! We have a lot of entertaining to do this holiday season, culminating in my Daughters 18th Birthday Party on New Year's Eve. Inexplicably the jobs left to do seem to be stacking up and up rather than being whittled down. So painting models for the Challenge while I'm home, is proving a little problematic - not to mention 'politically sensitive' with the wife - at the moment. The solution; do my painting at work.

Unlike that giant of Challenges past - and all round lovable sandbagger - Ray, I can't spend the whole day painting at my desk, but I can squeeze in some short sharp bursts of activity in my lunch breaks. And to prove it, here's my set-up from today. I normally remove myself to the tea room next door but one of my colleges was working in there so I stayed at my desk and got some painting done here instead. 

I tend to bring the bare minimum of equipment with me which helps focus my mind on what needs to be done next. Much of the 'essential' stuff I would normally have on my painting desk hasn't been used since I started painting at work and it just shows that all you really need is a few brushes and paints, a mixing tray and some water. 

Oh and here's a quick sneak peak at my current projects for the Challenge. I haven't quite finished painting Rogue Trooper just jet, I still have a few small items to finish and then I can varnish him and take some proper pictures for submission to Curt. Tom Bombadil meanwhile is still at the 'finkin' bout it stage, waiting for me to decide where to start. 


  1. Many years ago, when I was working away on a regular basis, I had a small wooden box of paint and brushes that I would take with me - I would then paint miniatures in cold featureless hotel rooms while planning through my next day.

    Not very inspiring, but I can testify that painting the odd miniature helped to keep me sane. We nearly sane anyway.


  2. Amazed that you can bring your hobby stuff to work! I can't imagine what the evil HR minions would do with me if I dare to show my brushes in public!!

  3. That's the way, think outside the box. I work from home so get to a bit as and when. Long conference calls are very handy!

  4. I have been doing a bit of prep work in my lunch breaks. I am amazed at how much this little bit of work actually makes a difference in miniature productivity.

  5. A wonderful, inspiring, marvellous - if just slightly mad - idea, Lee! Can I please come and work in your office as well? I promise to just paint and not disturb anyone. (I love the yacht model, by the of yours, Sir?)

    1. I can't take credit for that. My offcie 'inherited' it from one of the company directors a few years ago. We provide inspection and laboratory services to the petroleum industry and our office deals with shipping in the Thames area, so we had often talked about getting some ship models for our new office. When this Director left the company due to ill health he left us all his models, including a rather nice Thames Barge which has pride of place in the main office.

  6. What a great shot Lee - there's dedication to the hobby for you. Seeing that chamois in the foreground reminds me of the post you did regarding the 'Hobby travel case'. I rushed out and bought some for myself - best thing I've done in ages, totally indispensable now so thank you!


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