Thursday 19 December 2013

Judge Dredd opens my Challenge

Well the Winter Painting Challenge has been chugging along for the best part of a week now and while I have been working on lots of models, most are still unfinished. In most cases all that remains is for me to do is apply varnish and add grass or other groundwork, and this is a stage that just can't be rushed. Once - a long time ago - I tried applying static grass to the base of a model whose varnish hadn't fully dried and I ended up with a furry green knight... I won't make that same mistake again, no matter how much pressure there is to rush submissions to the Challenge.

So, for now, here is my opening entry: Judge Dredd by Wargames Foundry. 

I bought this model a few weeks ago when I visited the Foundry factory/shop during Blog-Con. As a kid I was always more into British Comics like 2000AD rather than the DC or Marvel variety and so I am much more familiar with characters like Dredd or Rouge Trooper than I am with Spiderman or the Avengers. So when I saw this model I just had to buy it for inclusion in the Challenge. 

The figure is quite large, standing 32mm from foot to eye and 36mm overall. This larger scale combined with the fact that it is made from white metal give this model a nice hefty feel when you pick it up. Frankly casting Dredd cast in plastic or resin would just be wrong.

I went for strong highlights and bright colours rather than the subdued hues that are seen in some illustrations. While I loved the new Dredd film that came out last year, you just can't beat the original look of the uniform from the comic, complete with gold plated body armour.

Because the figure is significantly larger than 28mm Curt classed this as a 40mm figure and awarded me 7 points for it. 


  1. Looks good mate. In fact it looks like one of the best ones I have seen using Gold. Personally I would have used yellow as the comics did but I know gold was always mentioned in the text and graphic novels. But I am a yellow purist!

  2. Always a fan of Judge Dredd comics. Good job. I do see a small spot of blue on the backside of the eagle.

  3. Great looking figure. Good to see Dredd in a blue uniform. It's always the colour I associate with Dredd - not black as some young whipper snappers would think.

  4. Nice work Lee, how come you didn't leave this guy for the hero bonus section?

  5. Wow. Fantastic work my friend, kudos all around.

    (and watched Dredd just last night coincidentally!)

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback...I really enjoyed painting this mini.


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