Wednesday 25 September 2013

Reenactors in WWI Uniform

I forgot to post these pictures last week and thought they would be of interest to WWI players. I took these at a very small event at Damyns Hall Aerodrome (they host a much larger event in the summer) a couple of weeks ago. The 10th Essex Regiment Living History Group put on a fine display despite the cold wind that drove most sensible visitors inside for a hot cuppa. Thankfully I'm not sensible and I stayed outside for their display which included a review of the kit they carried and an example of bayonet drill. 

Interestingly the group took part in the making of a short film last year (embeded below) and there is a great article on their website about the filming with some excellent pictures from the shoot.


  1. Must be hard doing re-enactments for the period, would be great to ge close up to them


  2. Pictures like these are always useful. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the link to the video. Very interesting.

  4. This is top drawer all the way. I subscribed to the channel and added this to my playlist. I'll watch it tonight whilst painting.

  5. Nice one, very good photos. Less than a year to the Centennial.

  6. Great shots indeed, followed back at your shack!

  7. Pretty damn good film. Reminded me instantly of James Michie's poem 'Dooley is a Traitor" which ends:

    The judge rises in a great rage
    And writes Dooley Is A Traitor in black upon a page
    And tells me I must die.
    'What, me?' says I.
    'If you still won't fight.'
    'Well, yes, your Honour,' I said, 'that's right.'

    Hell of a poem.

    As to the re-enactors? Haircuts and a diet sheet.


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