Monday 5 August 2013

Yet another day out

Its been another busy weekend with yet another big family outing, this time to the Military and Flying Machines Show at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, just a few miles from where I live. This is a small but growing show that has a rich variety of stuff to see and is very family oriented. They usually have a small but interesting selection of vehicles on display plus a few aircraft. Being a working airfield some of the planes are available to view before they take to the air, but the show also attracts a few visiting aircraft. This year the B17 "Sally B" was due to do a flyover but bad weather at Duxford meant it couldn't come on the Saturday. Despite this it was a great little show and all the family had a great time. 

As usual I shot a load of pictures which I have been able to edit and review before selecting a few to show here. I hope you like them.

Me and the Cromwell Tank. This tank has been bought and will be going overseas after this show.
Bedford QLT Troop Carrier
Another shot of the Cromwell
Universal Carrier
An M5A1 Stuart light tank with the turret removed.
1938 Humber Staff Car
Hurricane Mk 2b
A Vietnam era Huey
Piper Cub
Spitfire Mk IX 'Spirit of Kent'
The Model Marquee was also worth a visit
Churchill & Ray
Replica Nieuport 17b
A Replica Sturmgeschütz 'Helga'
Dodge WC62 6X6
Willy's Jeep
Although this is a 'small' show its very enjoyable with plenty to see and a lot of variety.


  1. Thanks for sharing great photos!!

  2. The Cromwell was bought, but not headed to your garage?? ;)

    1. It was on sale at the War and Peace show a couple of weeks ago for £200,000 which was a little beyond my budget! If only my lottery numbers had come up a few weeks ago! I can see it now... I return from the show and the wife says "did you buy anything dear?" and I reply "Yes darling, and we'll never have to worry about a parking space again!"

  3. Again, nice pictures.
    Looks lieke there's no show without Big Lee!

  4. Some crackers there Lee, I'd love to see the Huey flying.

  5. Good stuff.. I wonder what they used as the basis for the Stug - I don't recognise the chassis?

  6. Nice pictures. I'm a bit curious about the colour difference between the Cromwell and the Universal Carrier... I suppose both are renovated and repainted?

    Re the Stug it looks like it's built on a FV432 chassis.


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