Friday 16 August 2013

Hornby Visitor Centre

The third museum I managed to fit into our recent short holiday was the Hornby Visitor Centre (thanks to Fraxinus for telling me about this). This compact collection features some rare products from the Hornby, Scalextric, Airfix and Corgi archives that will be sure to unearth some cherished childhood memories.
Meccano - At one time it seemed as if every boy in Britain had some
Scalextric was another childhood favorite and there was a big track set up for visitors to play with...great fun!
I had some of these Scalextric Mini's as a kid
All about Humbrol. Not my paint of choice today but it was the first paint I used on my mini's back when I started.
Airfix Lancaster in trouble
A large diorama featuring several Airfix kits showing a Lancaster crew being rescued after ditching 
Plans and materials for a new kit
The tool for injection molding a new kit
There is also a lot of Hornby trains and track on display here (not surprisingly) 
This was an interesting collection and well worth taking the time to visit. I was never much into railways or train sets but if that is your 'thing' you'll love this collection. But with a range of Meccano, Airfix and Scalextric toys on display there is probably something here for everyone. 


  1. Yep... Lego's the same. You could build things with it when we were kids now its practically moulded parts!

  2. I loved my Dads Meccano. We are from Canada. I still do all my painting with Humbrol. As to Airfix, I guess it was an in to wargaming. I had a bunch of the 1:32 scale soldiers painted up.

  3. Great post - lots of nostalgia.


  4. Hadn't heard of this. It looks like some of the things were also displayed at James May's Toy Fair which I went to a few years ago.

    Great stuff. And I still paint everything using Humbrol paint!

  5. interesting !
    Gives me some nostalgia of my childhood ...

  6. Glad you enjoyed it Lee it is a good blast through nostalgia and great photo's!


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