Friday 30 December 2011

Help me update the events calender

Well the title says it all really. Ever since Blogger introduced Pages as a feature I have had one dedicated to listing UK Events. This has included game conventions (both RPG, Wargame and other) and Living History events that may be of interest. Way back when this page was first started it consisted just a simple list of events but this was always getting out of date and needed constant revision. Eventually I removed the list and instead embedded a Google Calender. This means I can update the calender easily from any computer (or even my phone) and the details are automatically visible on the Events Page without having to make any edits in Blogger.

I try to keep this calender updated but it seems that no matter how much I add to it something always gets missed. Which is where you come in. It occurred to me that BLMA now has over 300 followers - a veritable Army of Darkness - and between you I'm sure you'll be able to let me know if anything is missed, wrong or needs to be added. So please take a look at the Events Page and and get in touch if changes need to be made.

One change I will be implementing this year is that I have decided to list some key events from outside the UK. I'm sticking to the larger more important events in the gaming calender for now but if there is something that deserves to be listed let me know and I'll add it.


  1. There's a pretty comprehensive event list over at Unseen Lerker. You can find it at

    That's a pretty decent resource although it's not perfect.

  2. Hi Lee Do you know that your blog posts are appearing twice on Twitter? It's via Twitterfeed and NetworkedBlogs if that helps.

  3. Vexillia - Oops. So many connections I loose track of what's posting to what. I'll check this out and amend it asap. Thanks for the 'heads-up'.

  4. GDMNW - That's a pretty good list, if your into Tournaments. I've scanned the list for possible events to list on my calender but most either don't fit my criteria or are already listed. Thanks for the link though, I'll add it to my links page!

  5. This is the one Henry uses in Battlegames...

  6. Hasppy new year to your good self Lee


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