Monday 19 December 2011

An Early Present

On Friday the Delvers gathered for our bi-weekly game night. Unfortunately the GM of our DnD 4E game couldn't make it but the rest of us gathered to play a board game instead. We ended up playing Munchkin which I bought a few weeks ago. I think everyone enjoyed it as we all lost track of time, overrunning our normal time slot by an hour until well after midnight!

This will be our last game night before the end of the year and I received a present from my good friend and fellow blogger, Derek (aka DJK). He said the unexpected gift was recognition of all the driving I tend to do for the group. I've never considered it a chore but even so it's nice to be thanked! Black Jackals is a novel set in WWII and is part of an ongoing series of books by Iain Gale. The other book is one I'm particularly looking forward to reading, Churchill's War Lab.

This was a very unexpected gift and definitely worthy of an Honourable Mention. DJK sir, I salute you!


  1. Two very interesting books, I've only read two WWII historical novels, and am always on the lookout for more!! The Warlab book looks very interesting, I'll definitely look out for that one!!!!

  2. Both look like they are great books to read.

  3. Very nice...really interested in The Black Jackals one...what's the blurb on it?


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