Tuesday 18 October 2011


Just thought I'd show off some of the stuff I bought at SELWG. Nothing too dramatic as I am saving most of the money I made on the Bring and Buy for a particular purchase online. Having said that coming home with a bag full of goodies is always great.

Shows like SELWG are a chance to stock up on consumables without the added cost of postage. But often a bargain can also be had and these can of Purity Seal at £5 each couldn't be ignored.

I've been wanting to get my hands on some of these Zvezda models for a while and at just £2.50 each they couldn't be ignored. I picked the Panzer II and T34 just because I like these vehicles. Now that I have seen the quality of them I may pick up some others in the range.

This was a last minute purchase just because I like bunkers and because they were 15% off. I'm a sucker for a discount. I was considering scratch building some bunkers but was unsure about the scale. Now that I have this set I have a frame of reference and feel a little happier about making some.

I wanted to buy three of these Puma Armoured Cars but there were only two in stock at the show. I bought them anyway and will try to get the third online or at a later show. I do like these vehicles and look forward to testing out their performance in battle.

After my last FOW game I realised how hard it can be to keep track of the number of hits (vital for determining if a platoon is pinned down or not). These small counters from EM4 were just £1 and I hope will prove to be very useful in the next game.

Another last minute purchase and one of my favourites of the show. There were a whole range of resin buildings in 15mm and this set came in a single pack for just £13. Its meant to be a courtyarded farm, similar to La Haye Sante at Waterloo. However it could easily be painted to look like any similar farm complex in Normandy 1944. Of course I could also use the buildings individually and as such I think these represent excellent value.

OK, this I'll make this the last word on SELWG. One blog I read commented on the limited frontage of some of the trade stands. This make getting to the stock for a close up look quite difficult. I noticed this problem as well, although it has to be said I understand the pressures on traders to balance costs verses sales. I don't know how much SELWG were charging for a plot but clearly some traders could have benefited from larger display space.


  1. Nice selection you made, I'm sure they will be painted and on the board in no time.
    No shows close over here..........sometimes I think its a good thing.......gotta watch that impulse buying!!! E-bays bad enough.
    1/100, I take it thats 15mm?

  2. 1/100 is in the ball park for 15mm. I haven't done a side by side comparison but other bloggers have been using these models in their Flames of war armies so I can't see there being much of an issue with scale.

    At just £2.50 per vehicle this looks like a really economical way to field lots of tanks, especially if your into Eastern Front armies.

  3. Some tight squeezes at the show alright and our generous size didn't help either:D

  4. I'm glad you put these up. I've only seen the finished pieces after you guys have done them. It must take hours and hours to do just one piece, let alone an entire collection. Hats off to you boys.

  5. Wow, that is a good haul. Look forward to seeing the T34.

  6. lee

    Which manuafcturer made the farm, I could do with one for my 15mm WW2 France layout



  7. Great looking haul. Look forward to seeing it employed on the field of battle.

  8. Nice selection, I'm not a FOW collector, but would still like to read what you think of the Zvezda models.


  9. Thought you weren't gonna tell everyone it was La Haye Sante!!


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