Monday 10 October 2011

Expanding my Lehr Forces

I've been scratching my head trying to decide what to do next with my Flames of War Panzer Lehr Army. I'd like to feature more infantry in my army but there are few options in the Panzerkompanie list. Then I had an epiphany. How about creating a second Lehr force which utilises some of the models I have already painted?

I pulled out my copy of the Villers Bocage handbook and looked through the Panzer Lehr army lists looking for a suitable option. After an hour reading the army lists and looking in detail at the various platoons on offer I have decided to build a Gerpanzerte Panzergrenadier Company. All I need to make this work is a Panzergrenadier HQ and another Panzergrenadier Platoon to accompany the one I already have painted. In Support I can utilise one of the Panzer Platoons (Panthers or Panzer IV's) already painted for my Panzerkompanie. I can also use the 8.8cm Flak 36 Platoon and the Nebelwherfer Platoon in this army list.

Looking through the list I can also see several interesting options for additional support platoons so this Army List has plenty of growth potential. Of course that doesn't mean my Panzerkompanie is dead, I can still field this force if I want to. Now all I need to do is rustle-up the money needed to start building my new army. Time to sell a Kidney I think...


  1. Lehr PD is historically one of my favourite forces too - lots of quality, well equipped professional troops in the thick of the Eastern Front. I don't play FoW but if I did I know I'd be going straight to them.

    I just got some 28mm armour units for my embryonic Secrets of the Third Reich PG army, so they will be going to a 1949 version of Lehr!

  2. Good solution; the best of both worlds.

  3. Panzergrenadier Lehr is a very exciting force to play. Because it is Mech, you will be attacking against Infantry and defending against Armour so you get lots of variety when you play.

    The infantry platoons with integrated tank hunters are also a blast to play and very resilient against both infantry and armour.

    I have noticed that Plastic Soldier Company have produced a set of 5x 251/D halftracks with plenty of stowage options so that might save you some money.


  4. Good luck painting all those half tracks!

  5. Thanks Harvey, I'll have to check them out. I'm always looking for the cheaper option!

  6. Kidneys are good, good luck as well, where's your Rejects badge?

  7. Angry: Badge dutifully added...

  8. Nice looking badge!!!!! Sorry I can offer no advice what so ever about WWII stuff, you probably got that idea from my last post, hulled Tigers and whatnot!!


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