Friday 28 January 2011

Supply Depot Objective Marker

I'm still working on the new Sherman Platoon but in between I've also been making some Objective Markers. This Supply Depot consists of several smaller scenery items by Ironclad Miniatures. I bought some of these at SELWG in 2009 and decided to buy some more because I liked them so much. The result is this model consisting of six of the resin models on a single large base.

The only problem with this model is that no sooner had I finished it than I realised I may have based it wrongly. I checked the rulebook and sure enough... "Objectives are modelled on a standard large base - 65mm wide by 50mm deep." (Pg 195 of the FoW Rulebook). 

In a word, b**ger! Serves me right for letting my enthusiasm get the better of me and not preparing enough before I started work. I can still use this as a terrain feature in the game but I'll pick up a few large bases for future objective markers.


  1. Its a lovely piece of scenery, excellent stuff.

  2. Still looks great Lee. I'd keep hold of it and use it anyway.

  3. Nice looking bit of scenery, shame about this size base, two ways to look at it firstly, sod it use it anyway or this now means you can never, ever, ever use it in a game, LOL!!

  4. I'm with everyone else - why not use it anyway??? Providing your opponent is in agreement* who's going to be hurt???

    * ..and if he isn't, he's not worth playing... :o)

  5. Very nice work,am doing a few of them myself,great bit of fun.

  6. I really don't see how the base size will affect game play.

  7. Wow! Looks great. I wish my "mistakes" looked so nice.




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