Monday 25 January 2010

Wargames Illustrated 268

I have finally received my copy of the February Wargames Illustrated, issue 268. I normally get it by about the middle of the month so its about a week late (disaster!).The focus of this issue is Operation Market Garden - the ill fated allied offensive that was designed to end the war by Christmas 1944. I have a personal interest in this period as my Grandfather almost took part. Fortunately for him he was invalided out of the army because he suffered from severe asthma. Unfortunately for many of his mates their unit was destined for Arnhem and the objective made famous in the film A Bridge Too Far (1977). I always got the impression my Grandfather was more bothered by the fact that he had not being able to "do his bit" with his mates than he was at being crippled by Asthma for most of his life.

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