Saturday 30 January 2010

Mythos Investigator

I've finally finished a painting project! I'm working on several models at once just to get me back into the swing of painting. Once I've cleared these I'll pick another Flames of War project to paint. This is an old model that I found a while back. I'm in the process of painting several models for a possible Call of Cthulhu game later in the year and this guy is the latest. I made a tentacle for the base from some Greenstuff left over from another project. Ordinarily I would have used Milliput which would have cured faster but this did the job eventually. Once I had it made and painted I stuck it on the base. Other than that I decided to leave the base empty, painting it to look like a concrete floor. I'm happy with the overall effect.

The pictures aren't my best, I really need to think about getting a new camera or at least more lights. But that's a big investment for another year I think.


  1. Hi Lee, this guy looks mean and unconcerned at what he has just shot - very effective. I'm also thinking of investing in some decent photographic equipment. Came across this:

    I hope the link works (can you post a link in a comments box?). I'm kind of hoping to get it as a birthday present...


  2. Thanks... if you put the link you want to share inside html brackets (ie < a >Link< /a >) then it should appear as a hyperlink. You'll have to take the spaces out of the example above for it to work - if I posted that with no spaces you wouldn't see the code because it would be code and therefore invisible - that sentence doesn't make any sense at all but hopefully you can figure out what I'm trying to say!

    I use a Canon Powershot A710IS for my pictures. It's a compact digital but it does have a good Macro function. It’s not the best way of taking pictures because you have to get real close to the subject. Miniatures are better shot from a distance because it shortens perspective and means the whole model is in focus. But for that you need the sort of good zoom lens that you only find on an SLR.

    I will get round to writing a post about taking pictures, but it’s a complicated subject and I don't want to post anything until I'm confident its a useful (and accurate) article.

  3. Awesome Work ..... I am also trying to figure out taking better pictures of my models.

    Snowing like a champ here in Virginia ..... good day for studying, modeling and reading !

  4. "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"



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