Sunday 1 January 2023

Resolutions 2023 & how to keep them

Happy New Year to all my viewers. Once again it is that time of year to set new resolutions (or recycle old ones) for the year to come. I keep mine simple and achievable and like to think of them as my mission statement or stretch goals for the year. Nothing too wild or grandiose, destined to be abandoned by February.


  1. My resolutions are franlly to enjoy my gaming as much as possible, playing, painting, researching, etc as I'm pleased at each time. No stress please ;-)

  2. My resolution this year is more proper gaming - as ever. Last year I spent too much time though on Boardgames Arena to the detriment of other gaming projects. That included painting fewer figures than in 2021, though my lead pile reduced by more (so one goal achieved). Keep up the good work Lee.


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