Sunday 24 July 2022

To Hex or not to Hex: Which is best for remote wargaming?

Are Hexes better for playing remote games via Zoom or similar? Or does the old-fashioned ruler - combined with clear and precise orders - work just as well? I have played both types and I was rather surprised by the conclusion I came to. 

I recommend taking a  look at My Wargaming Habit and Palouse Wargaming Journal both of which have used hexes for remote wargames. 


  1. You ask an interesting question. The answer, I think, as in many things, is "it depends."

    Your point about having the skill to issue precise and easily translatable orders from a remote player to the umpire is key. Whether play is on a grid or non-grid may become secondary when orders are easily interpretable. There are some situations where I find the grid beneficial and other times when a non-gridded table is preferred. For large games having many BMUs, a grid seems to speed play since there need not be any precise measurement besides counting grids. Computing firing ranges is quicker on a grid too.

    For me, both methods work well. One bonus to remote gaming is that it sharpens our communication skills, a point you mention early on in your monologue.

    For the latest example of one of my remote games on a non-gridded table with five players, visit the Bassignana battle report at,

    Oh, thanks for the game plug too! We should do it again.

  2. I dislike hexes.. I wargame, not boardgame... so for me free space and rulers every time..

    PS. All the previous tongue in cheek naturally, we're a broad church and over time I have found people remarkably zealous about their hexes.. :o)


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