Sunday 24 January 2021

Anglo-Zulu playthrough with TMWWBK

This week The Quarantined Wargamer is doing something different on the channel, so instead of the usual short video of me rambling on I decided to have a go at a game. I've been trying out various rules systems for my 6mm Anglo-Zulu war collection for a while now (including a shoddy attempt to write my own) but I have more or less settled on The Men Who Would Be Kings. It's a simple system that is easy to play and, with a little adaption, works well with my figures. I've done a few small scale test games but this is the first full-sized game I have played and I think it went pretty well.  

At 39 minutes it's a lot longer than my usual videos, but as the first attempt at this format I'm pretty happy with it...well, aside from my repeated use of the nonsensical term "Mounted Cavalry" when talking about Mounted Infantry!! 🤦 If the video proves popular I will do more like this in the coming months. 


  1. I always thought they were rules for a skirmish game. But they do a good job. Well posted

  2. I'm definitely not using the rules as intended, but they seem to make a good game at 6mm non-the-less. I'm sure I'll encounter a few problems and inconsistences as I play more games but for the time being i think I've found the rules I want to use with my collection.

  3. The word is adaptation not adaption!!

  4. BigLee,
    Great video. TMWWBK are my go to know as I like the "Hollywood" feel.

    1. Nice simple rules and they work...I'm having to make a handful of changes to work with 6mm but I'll do a big write up about that after a few more games.


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