Sunday 29 November 2020

The Eye of the Beholder

Today's video on The Quarantined Wargamer is sort of a response video to a thought-provoking article in the latest issue of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy. I completely agree with the sentiments expressed by the author, Warwick Louth, but couldn't resist adding my tuppence worth! I very much think the internet is a wonderful resource and a terrible place all at the same time. So the question is asked, do the wonderful images seen online and in magazines put people off painting their miniatures? Or should we be considering what it is we want from our hobby and adjusting our personal expectations to fit that outcome? 

As always I'd love to hear from you (respond to my response in fact) either in the comments below or on my YouTube Channel. 

Stay safe everyone, and of course, keep rolling high! 


  1. Wargaming has come a long way in the 40 years since I bought my first)
    painted) army. Painting quality in general is far beyond what it was, as is the general figure quality. I think most gamers improve with age up to a certain point. I think I plateaued a few years ago and sometimes, especially with plastic figures, the quality is somewhat lower. Even so it is acceptable to me. A little frustrating, but acceptable.
    I hope many more people reach 'satisfaction' levels with their painting.
    The quality painters as mentioned, have helped to improve the general level through their instructions and books. That is no bad thing.
    Similarly, terrain making has improved, even with the plethora of ready to buy items for the table top.
    We are in a golden age of wargaming and not in decline as some might suggest. It may be skirmish to some, but it's still wargaming

    1. Like you I think I Plateaued several years ago but at a level I'm quite happy with. I want my figures on the games table and so long as they pass the 3ft/arms length test I'm happy.


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