Sunday 1 November 2020

Museums are worth their weight in reference books

It won't come as much surprise to regular readers to hear that I enjoy visiting a museum or two. In normal (pre-covid) times I'll be found visiting museums at weekends and of course on holidays. The reason I enjoy them so much is that I think they are an often-overlooked resource to the wargamer and miniatures painter. In this internet-enabled age of Google and Wikipedia, we tend to think that everything is available at the click of a button. But Museums offer so much more to the history buff and being centres of expertise in their field they often have items on display that just don't feature elsewhere. 

It does seem a little counter-intuitive extolling the virtues of museums at a time when many of us can't visit them, but they need our support if we want them to continue into the post-covid future. They have a lot to offer the Miniature Painter and Wargamer as well as the amateur historian and academics alike. Its probably not difficult to see from this video that I have my favourite museums, but what are yours? Which collections do you find yourself visiting over and over again, and what items have helped and inspired you in your wargaming?  

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  1. The new National Lockdown announced yesterday by the Prime Minister means that Museums are going to need our support more than ever.

    I film these videos up to two weeks in advance, to allow time for editing and changes to me made. Needless to say I didn’t know that the day before the video went public all Museums and some other public venues would be told to close their doors again!

  2. Social distancing has never been an issue in any of the speccy military museums that I love to visit but, hey, this country departed from reality months ago. Too many of our museums (yes, National Army Museum, I mean you) have gone down the 5-year-old-friendly, lowest common denominator route but there are, thankfully, some absolute gems still around - for the moment.

    1. I've always found the little regimental museums to be very good. Run by enthusiasts and ex service personnel they really are hidden gems.


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