Saturday 29 February 2020

A coven of Frostgrave witches!

I'm back from my very windswept and stormy holiday in Sussex and at last have something new to enter into the Challenge. While I was away I spent a fair bit of time assembling some multi-part plastic figures for Frostgrave. I got most of these for Christmas so they weren't assembled and primed before the Challenged started like most of my other entries. Rather than lose a whole week of work I took a box of tools and my figures away with me and worked on them as an when time allowed. I got a lot done, especially as we were'storm bound' for the first day of the holiday (crazy brits, holidaying in winter!). Now than I'm home I'm hoping to get a lot of these painted and first off the workbench are these female Wizards.

As previously mentioned I'm going to be playing a lot of Frostgrave soon, in a vain attempt to keep my daughter (aka The Young Padawan) playing games with me. She's agreed to continue playing ancients with me if I played some fantasy games with her. A fair bargain I think, and it's given me a chance to return to my roots and paint something a little more colourful. These models by Northstar are excellent and fill a gap in my collection with some female wizards. 

I kept the paint job on these fairly simple but I think they work well. 

Ah, and here's some proof I was working while on holiday... I've already posted this picture on Facebook and it garnered some envious comments from wargamers who declared my wife a saint (which she is of course) for letting me get away with this on a family holiday. 


  1. You've done a nice job on these Lee:)

  2. Possibly your best work to date. Very nice

  3. Very nice. Love the paint jobs and the builds are very dynamic. Caught in mid-spell, as it were.

  4. Those look great. The colours work really well.


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