Monday 3 June 2019

DAK's over Duxford - Build up to D-Day

Over the next two days, the Imperial War Museum Duxford is having a special air show called DAK's over Duxford. It gathers together dozens of Dakota aircraft that served in WWII, many in the D-Day invasion and later in Operation Market Garden. As members, we were able to have access to the site on Sunday to watch many of these aircraft arriving from across the world. Later in the week, they will be performing a mass flyover to Normandy, replicating the huge airborne armada that mirrored the seaborne landings below them. Unfortunately, I won't be in Normandy to see that, as I'm accompanying local D-Day Veterans to the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire for a special anniversary service. 

As usual, I took a load of pictures of the aircraft but rather than bore you with yet another museum photo report here's just a handful of pictures from the day. 

This C-47 was built in 1943 and towed Waco Gliders on D-Day and later dropped Paratroopers during Market Garden.

A C-47B Skytrain built 1943 which again took part in the D-Day invasion

Most of the DAK's arrived singly during the day but towards the end, we had seven fly over the site before landing. 

This Mk. IX Spitfire was built at Castle Bromwich in 1943 as an LF MK IXc and entered service with 441 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) serving with the RAF. 

C-47 Skytrain "Virginia Ann" on D-Day it carried paratroopers of 2nd Btn, 507th PIR.
It was good to see the B17 Salley B back in action after its winter service.

I'll post some pictures of the D-Day service here after the event on Thursday, but I'm also planning on putting a few 'live' photo's on my Twitter account during the day, so if you're interested they will be here


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    1. It's a pity I won't get to see the big flyover on D-Day itself. Seven was impressive but 30+ will look and sound awesome.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. Pity it was so overcast or the colours would have been better.

  3. Replies
    1. Your welcome. I do wargame as well...sometimes it seems all I do is go from one museum to another!

  4. Great pics of the planes Lee :)

    1. Many of the planes were in 'civilian' livery but there were plenty painted in D-Day colours.

  5. Thanks for the pics. I used to live in Hardwick and when the Duxford airshow was one, they used to fly over the village and use the local secondary school (Comberton Village College) as a forming up point before flying in etc. Many a time we had wonderful views, the most memorable being a Spitfire and Messerschmit having a 'dog fight' whilst waiting. Can't wait to see the footage of the planes en masse.


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