Thursday 18 August 2016

Seaside Gaming Loot

My two week summer holiday is rapidly nearing its end but while the weather stays nice we decided to get out and enjoy the sun. I suggested a drive along the North Kent coast with a stop at Rochester for some shopping before heading to the beach... The wife's eyes lit up but she should have known I had a cunning plan!

Rochester has several good second hand bookshops as well as a good game shop well worth a visit. Not a bad haul for a few hours shopping and it gave me plenty to read while we sat on the beach in the sun. 


  1. And you didn't even pop by to say hello. :) :)

  2. Not a bad haul. Did you go to "Baggins Book Bizarre?"

  3. You crafty devil! Be sure to always keep something in the car for all those times when you find yourself waiting for someone.

  4. Looks like the plan was as cunning as a fox that's just been named professor of cunning planning at Oxford!


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