Tuesday 28 June 2016

Italian Allied Infantry

I've been painting again and this time I have added some more allied infantry to my Republican Roman army. I wanted these to look ordered and professional but with a variety of shield designs that stand out. These are regular sized units so will have a little more staying power than my small Roman units. Lets hope they give me the edge in my next battle with the Young Padawan!

As well as being very colourful they will add some much needed strength to my ranks.

Two Allied Infantry units. 

All the shields are hand painted using one of my water proof ink pens and finished with a 000 brush!

The rear of the units. 

I posted this picture earlier on Facebook. The pound coin clearly shows the scale to those less familiar with 1/300th or 6mm. 


  1. Some great pictures there, Lee. The close up on the shields is quite inspiring. Before I had the hoplites for my Macedonian army but no pens, now I've got the pens I don't have any more hoplites to paint.

  2. These look superb Lee. You must have a steady hand. Will consider the ink pen when I start on the 30 or so stands of hoplites I have waiting to be painted.

    Cheers, Ross

  3. Most impressive job, so many wonderful details!

  4. Very nice mate. I really do like this 6mm thrill you are providing.

  5. Excellent work and as you mentioned on Facebook, all done with the brush, brill


  6. Glad you've got into 6mm in a big way Lee. We'll be at Joy of 6 in Sheffield next Sunday doing The Bridge at Remagen and I'm using explosion markers based on your desert markers (just a bit bigger as they're representing the bridge going up!).


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