Thursday 23 June 2016

6mm Italian Allied Cavalry

Time for my UK readers to take a little break from the constant Brexit / EU Referendum news. I have very clear views on the subject of our EU Membership - I cast my vote early this morning - but even a political person like me is getting a little sick of the interminable ill tempered 'noise' surrounding this referendum. I'm not going to hoist my political views on you (and with the greatest respect I have no interest in how you intend on voting... so no politics in the comments!) but I will say this, if you haven't voted yet get off your bum and do it now! Whichever way you intend to vote democracy is only strong when it is exercised. Right that's the soapbox bit done with, now onto something much more interesting.

In the early days of the Roman Republic, before the establishment of a permanent regular army, Rome extended and increased its military power by incorporating allied units into its armies. When Rome defeated a rival city or conquered a region one of the regular commitments imposed by treaty on the defeated was the requirement to supply troops. This arrangement contributed to the vast manpower available to Rome and in part explains how it was able to raise new armies even in the face of terrible losses.

My Roman army has struggled to defeat my daughters Carthaginian's and I think this is in part due to the lack of Allies in my line up. I have some Italian Infantry to work on soon but first I wanted more cavalry to call on. I have now completed two units of Equites Latini and two of Italian Light Cavalry. These are actually the same models painted slightly differently (chain armour for the Equites and leather for the Light Cavalry) and of course based differently.

Italian Light Cavalry
Equites Latini
The Equites Latini from another side
Both sets of units on the table. 

These took a while for me to complete but now I have my Mojo back I'm moving straight onto some infantry and I hope to have these to show off relatively soon. 


  1. Nice looking units, I am always impressive by the details at this scale!

  2. Lovely looking little chaps, will come in very useful against the Carthaginians.

  3. I thought the Italian allied Light Cav were mostly Tarentines? Lovely painting for the scale


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