Friday 5 June 2015

Desert Rock Formations

When I was at Salute earlier in the year I came across these resin rock formations and picked up a set. These are suitable for pretty much any scale and I decided these would look good as wind eroded rock features on my 6mm desert games. Painting these couldn't have been simpler, a quick base coat and then drybrushed in increasingly light shades of sand. The finishing touch was some short Silfor Late Fall grass tufts. I use these on all my bases because at 6mm scale they look just like the tough thorny scrub bushes that are often seen in the Libyan desert.

An LRDG Patrol winds its way through a rocky pass.
I haven't been getting much painting done this week, partly due to a heavy week at work (utterly knackered when I get home) but also because I'm still waiting for the delivery of some models I ordered. Hopefully these will turn up soon and I can get on with the last few bases for my Desert Raiders project.

UPDATE: These are made by Wargames Terrain Workshop and retail about £3-4 per pack (this lot is three packs worth). 


  1. I think they look suitably epic!

  2. Replies
    1. They are rather nice...and they were pretty cheap too. About £2.50-£3.00 per set (this lot is from two sets)

  3. Very sculptural. I suspect you might need a couple more for Posties Table.

    1. About 20 times more! Lol

    2. I was gonna say the same, better get that bulging wallet out!! They do look the biz though!

  4. Ooh jealous! Have to get me some o dat!

  5. Top R - Captain Kirk figure sold separately?
    ; )

  6. Hi there, those rock formations remind me of the Cartoon Lucky Luke where Luke is passing through such an arid terrain on his way to Daisy Town. BB


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