Sunday 28 June 2015


I'm still waiting for my last few models for my Desert Raiders project. Apparently GHQ have had some IT issues and presumably this has had a knock on effect with regards restocking their UK suppliers. Its frustrating for me but I bet there have been some late nights and worried sales managers in Minnesota while they get their system back online. Anyway, in the meantime I've been buying yet more resin buildings from my favourite 6mm stockist, Leven Miniatures. The first to make it off the painting table is the Middle Eastern Apothecary building. 

This will be added to my other town buildings, of which I have quite a collection now. As always I have kept my painting simple with a base coat of Desert Sand, highlighted with Ivory and washed with Quickshade soft tone. The wash gives these buildings a grubby look that I think looks much more authentic. 


  1. These type of buildings go so far back in history maybe you should think about doing a travel DBA Ancient Egyptians/Hitties set up! (Like you don't have enough to do already!)

    Looks spiffy mate.

  2. Nice little building Lee :)

  3. add with some gamecraft buildings make a whole village


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