Wednesday 25 February 2015

Cavalier 2015 Photo's

I'm a long way behind my fellow bloggers is posting pictures from this years Cavalier Show in Tonbridge but I have finally found time to review and post them. The show seemed a lot quieter this year and by mid afternoon there seemed to be very few visitors around. Maybe this was because there were some significant missing traders this year but I also heard that there were roadworks through Tunbridge Wells. Whatever the reason there were definitely fewer people at this years show which is a great pity. 

As usual I took a load of pictures and for a change I also played a Participation game (and won!) along with fellow Reject Ray. More on that later but now here are my photo's.

Rejects on Tour! Ray, Richard, Ian and Myself along with possible future reject Richards son

The Traders

The Main hall about mid-day. Not as busy as usual but still a good selection of traders.
Eagle Figures
Tumbling Dice
Caliver Books
Redoubt Enterprises
Harfields Military Figures
...and the Bring and Buy.

The Tables

A new Zombie game due for release later in the year. The miniatures looked good with a nice set of unique character models in both pre and post zombiefication formats!
Peter Pig's Poor Bloody Infantry
PBI complete with bogged down tank.
An intriguing James Bond themed game 'Snowfall" making clever use of magnetic sheeting to hold the figures in position.
A close up of this extra 3D games table!

Crawley Wargames Club's chariot racing game. I played (and won) this game at Salute SELWG and it was good to see it getting another outing. 

Deal Wargames "Mayhem on the Meekong" a 15mm Vietnam game. I saw this at SELWG last year abd it was good to see this again. 
Deal Wargames "Mayhem on the Meekong"
A very Hot LZ
The Society of Ancients
Society of Ancients
Tonbridge Wargames Club - Stalingrad 1942 - CrossFire WWII
SEEMS - Border Reivers 1575
Friday Night Firefight - Stop the Rocket 1945
Its not often you get to see a V2 on the games table!
Gravesend Gamers Guild - an ECW Skirmish game
North London Wargames Group - A Town called Malice 1880
Southend Wargames Club - Cumberland & Tennessee 1864
This game used a pre printed game mat by Cigar Box Mats. 
The printed mat is supplemented by a small amount of terrain and looked very effective. 
Union troops advance
At the end of the day Ray and I took part in a participation game run by Staines Wargames - Outrageous Fortune 1415
Five players take command of a French unit attempting to cross the field of Agincourt and capture British lords for ransom.
The French units jostle for position and fight not for the honour of France but for the highest value prisoners!  A great game, and not least because I won! 
All in all a great day out and a great start the start of my wargaming year. 


  1. Nice pics Mr H. I did enjoy the Outrageous Fortune game, it was a lot of fun!

    1. Very simple rules but effective i thought.

    2. And rather timely for this year!

  2. Nice pics Lee!

    I think it was SELWG rather than Salute where you played the chariot racing game before.

    1. Your quite right it was SELWG...I've corrected the label.

  3. Looks like an excellent show with a couple of really nice tables.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. Good report far less bias than my own. I did like the 10mm ACW game. The 15mm Vietnam game was also good. Over all I was disappointed in the show, Less traders than usual, mostly uninspiring games.

    But very good to catch up with other wargamers and bloggers.

  5. Hi Lee

    Nice to see the pic of the Tonbridge Wargames Club game, but please note it was Crossfire, not Rapid Fire.


    1. Lol...that's what I get for copying someone else's captions! I've corrected the description now, thanks for letting me know.

  6. Looks like fun! I love the printed ACW mat.

  7. Lovely photos. Must agree about those mats, they look very nice.

  8. Thanks for the report! Looks a nice little show.

  9. Fabulous. Thanks I love the photos of conventions. It is good of you to think of us. Great, Ta.


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