Wednesday 18 February 2015

Bringing and Buying at Cavalier

I'm on holiday this week and for nine whole days I can relax a little, catch up on some sleep and spend some much needed quality time with my family. We have lots of plans for trips out as usual, culminating for me with a visit to the Cavalier show in Tunbridge this coming Sunday. Like many others this will be my first show of the year after the long desolate months of winter (the last show I attended was SELWG back in October) and I'm really looking forward to it.

This year I'll be selling some of my 15mm WWII vehicles on the Bring and Buy stall. I've had varied success with B&B's at other shows; sometimes selling everything and other times bringing most of my stuff home with me. Hopefully I'll have better luck this time and to that end I have deliberately kept the prices down to ensure a sale. Here's what I'll have up for grabs:

Panzer IV Platoon - Resin models by Forged in Battle - I'm keeping one for my collection and selling the rest as a platoon of 4 tanks
Panzer V Panther's - Metal & Resin models by Battlefront. I am selling these in sets of three and have kept one for my display cabinet.
A couple of Opel Mautiler Trucks
I'm also selling a trio of Objective Markers including this Destroyed Stug that I 'roughed up'
Selling models can sometimes be a matter of personal finances but this isn't the case with this sale (although the money will be funnelled back into other projects). I simply need to clear some space and have decided that my 15mm stuff has had its day and its time to move on. I've no doubt that at some dim point in the future I'll regret flogging my figures, but right here and right now I'm sure this is the right decision. In fact I sold half of my 15mm WWII collection late last year so selling off what remains isn't that much of a wrench.

I have selected a few special pieces to keep in my display cabinet so its not all going and I have a couple of Panzergrenadier Platoons and a US Armoured Rifle Platoon yet to sell. I'll get rid of these at a later date. 


  1. About bloody time, get rid of the infantry as well asap, but I'm surprised your gonna sell it at the bring and buy, after my and Posties tribulations last time????
    I thought Ian was buying your 15's???

    1. He bought most of my American stuff but hasn't expressed an interest in the remaining items... (chance for a bargain Ian, I've marked them down from my original asking price).

      I've had mixed fortune on B&B's and yes, there is an element of risk involved. But the same could be said of sending items in the post...using Royal Mail sometimes feels like playing Russian Roulette.

  2. See if they go and if so great. If not I may be able to take 2 Panzer 4's IF the price is right.
    If nothing else we can have a chat.


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