Sunday 1 March 2015

Progress with the Bersaglieri

I have been making slow progress with my Bersaglieri, but at least it is progress. I have been getting a little done each evening and over the course of the last week I have cleaned and based 157 infantry, nine 47/32 anti tank guns, nine HMG's and nine 3-Ton Trucks. I've also based a truck mounted AA unit (20/65 Guns on 3-ton truck's) a Motociclisti platoon. Yesterday I finished adding my special blend of sand to the bases and the next step is to spray prime all the models. If the wind drops I'll nip out in the garden to do this later.

Doing the whole company and support platoons like this does make it a big job but it has also given me a chance to visualise the completed formation and make some adjustments. The other advantage is that when I finish this I will be pretty much ready to play my first Desert Raiders game. The only remaining job to do is make a runway for the airfield (a slightly important oversight on my part!) and then I'll be ready to rock.

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  1. Funny how differently people can do this sort of stuff. I generally paint my miniatures on pinheads, then base them, and finally add sand to the bases.
    Some of mine.


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