Friday 22 February 2013

Let the Retail Therapy Commence

Although I'm a keen Internet shopper there really is no replacement for hands-on retail therapy. And for gamers like me that usually means visiting a local wargames show or convention. There are a handful of game shops within reach of my home but for the sheer variety of products available you can't beat a convention. My 'show season' (for want of a better phrase) starts this Sunday with Cavalier at Tonbridge in Kent.

I have only been going to this show for a couple of years (since I joined Posties Rejects) but it has become a firm favourite and a regular feature of my gaming calender. It's nice and early in the year and it feels like the herald of spring after a long bleak winter without any other shows (the last one I went to was SELWG, waaaaay back in October). My trigger finger is definitely starting to get twitchy and I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket that absolutely must be spent!

Here are a collection of my pictures from the 2011 and 2012 shows to whet your appetite for this great little event. 


  1. I'll be down on Sunday too, with a small stash of cash!

  2. You London boys are so lucky. Here in the north west we pretty much have Phalanx and that's it. There are other shows (Derby, Leeds, Newark) but all involve 3-4 hours in the car to get there and back.

  3. Well Jel (as I believe the kids are saying nowadays.) The biggest show nearest us isn't until May and, even the, is a couple hours away in the car.

  4. Good luck amoung the shiney stuff.

  5. You England boys are so lucky, up here in Canada we have a good 10.5 hour drive ONE WAY to Historicon to hit anything of this magnitude. I would KILL to be able to drive a few hours return and see pretty much the whole country, let alone cool events. It's sad that in order to attend an event in Calgary for example, it is a solid 4 day drive one way.

    Get in the car, and drive the few hours. Do it for us here in North America :)


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