Wednesday 13 February 2013

AEC I Armoured Cars

Another Divisional Support platoon for my British Heavy Armoured Squadron. The AEC I Armoured Car was originally developed as a private venture but was slipped into a display at Horseguards and caught the eye of Churchill. The Mark I was fitted with a Valentine turret and carried a 2 pdr anti tank gun. Later versions carried a 6 pdr and later the M3 75mm from the Sherman. The Mk I had a 3 man crew, a maximum speed of 36 mph and weighed in at 11 tonnes.

A troop of three Mk I's with the Valentine turret and 2 pounder gun

Rear view showing the base labelling
These will provide some useful advanced scouting ability for my Heavy Armoured Squadron.


  1. Love them - great painting and basing job Lee. When do we see a 6mm WW2 desert batrep?

    1. Hopefully soon. I'm going to do some play testing of the FOW rules to see how they work in this scale and what bits can be discarded or need altering. That's the plan anyway!

  2. This project is coming along nicely!

  3. Ipressive and inspiring Lee, keep up the great work.

  4. You're certainly building up quite the force here Lee. Great work on the painting and basing.


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