Monday 15 October 2012

SELWG 2012 - Part 4

Right this is the last part of my picture review of the show (honest!). As you have probably gathered from my photo's so far I think the standard of games at this years show was very high. I've seem most of these games earlier in the year, but many appear to have undergone improvements and refinements and its always fun to see what's new since the last show. 

The Redhill Gamers put on a Carlist War game and the standard of painting was very high.
Once again its the little details that made this enjoyable to look at. This little Commanded vignette was particularly good.
As were these lancers...
And these infantry units...
And Artillery!
Another game I have seen before was that by Deal Wargames Club - Danger in Denmark. 
The table had lost of interesting scenery on it and featured some nice 'early war' Germans. 
This game was using the Rapid Fire rules and included ground troops and aircraft so the game had plenty of height as well as depth. 
Peter Pig - Patrols in the Sudan
'Climb Mount Nittaka' by Staines Wargames Club has been at several shows and has always seemed to be well attended by participants.
Its visually interesting, simple to play and of course re-tells an important moment of history (a day that 'lives in infamy' none-the-less)
I was there just in time to see them win Best Participation Game if I recall correctly
You may have guessed from my unbridled enthusiasm (and tons of photo's) that I rather enjoyed this show, and you'd be right. Its my last big show for the year (I won't be going to Warfare) until probably Cavalier in February. This is a long time between shows for me but I think I have had my fix of eye-candy games to see me through the lean winter months. And thanks to at least one game at the show I have now branched out into another scale! 

All the pictures seen here (and a few more besides can be viewed on my Picas Web Album page here:
SELWG 2012


  1. Thanks Lee, it's almost like being there. Good luck with the new scale.

  2. I was about to say exactly the same thing. Many thanks big Lee.

  3. Good report, thaks for sharing


  4. I always enjoy your show posts BigLee. Many thanks for posting all of the pictures.

    Tom Reed

  5. Can't believe the Carlist war game didn't win, it was a fantastic setup??? Painted any tanks yet?

  6. Hi Lee. Great coverage, as always. Thanks for taking the "Best of" pix in particular.

    Cheers, Steve M (SELWG)

  7. Hi Lee. Great coverage, as always. Thanks for taking the "Best of" pix in particular.

    Cheers, Steve M (SELWG)


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