Monday 15 October 2012

SELWG 2012 - Part 3

I branched out a little this year, in a quite unexpected way. I had a long chat with the guys running the Operation Deadstick (Pagasus Bridge) game and was surprised to hear they were using a version of the Flames of War rules with 1/285th scale micro armour. The seeds of an idea were firmly planted but it took the combined effort of the rest of the Rejects to talk me into giving this a try. I found some GHQ tanks and bought a small selection to 'test' the idea out at home. I suspect this will be the beginning of yet another collection, but that's the benefit of attending wargame shows like this.   

One of the best games on display (and a really friendly group as well) was 'Brave Little Belgium' by Crawley Wargames Club. 
Once again its the small details that made this a fun display game to look at. This First Aid station probably didn't have any in-game significance but it added to the overall 'feel' of the game as the Belgians try in-vain to halt the German advance.
German bombers fly in to Blitzkrieg the Belgian defenders
Lead elements of the German Advance press forward 
Meanwhile Tintin and his dog Snowy join the refugees escaping the battle zone.
Brave Little Belgium won the Crawley Wargames Club 'Best Demo Game'...
...and Best in Show. Very well deserved indeed.
GLC Games put on the Battle of Sagrajas 1086 with some beautifully painted miniatures on the table
This was a very colourful feast for the eyes (and the camera)
Meanwhile up in the Balcony area the Society of Ancients ran this game, the Battle of Trebia 218 BC
Society of Ancients - Trebia 218 BC
Also in the balcony area was another Micro Armour game, this time the Arab Israeli War put on by the Streatham & Tooting Wargamers
This battle included lots of tanks in what can only be described as a 'target rich environment', hence the multiple smoke plumes of brewed up armour.
The South London Warlords were also in attendance with their 'Scarlet Thunder' game. This was well attended throughout the day and seemed to be enjoyed by all those taking part. 
Another view of the South London Warlords 'Scarlet Thunder' participation game

The last part of the picture review of SELWG 2012 will be ready shortly for your viewing pleasure. 

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