Saturday 25 February 2012

Rejects on Tour - Cavalier 2012

The Laughing Cavalier (1624) by Frans Hals
Tomorrow myself and some of the Rejects will be going to Cavalier 2012 in Tunbridge. Cavalier is traditionally the first show of the year for the group and as a newish member last year was my first time at this event. I really enjoyed it (pictures from Cavalier 2011 here) and am looking forward to kicking off the season with this years event.

Both One Lover Ray and the Angry Lurker have already posted about this trip but this is my opportunity to say, see you there! Keep an eye out for us, come say hello and please don't feel intimidated by our collective tonnage!

As usual I'll be bringing my camera along and no doubt will be shooting pictures like a man possessed throughout the day, so expect to see them posted here early next week.


  1. It sounds like between the three of you, we'll be getting lots of cool pics. Have a great time.


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