Monday 13 February 2012

Chatham Military Collectors Fair

On Sunday I went to a Military Collectors Fair in Chatham with my Brother-in-Law. It was a very interesting event (I've not been before) but boy was it c-c-c-cold.
The venue was one of the massive shipbuilding warehouses in Chatham Dockyard
Desert Forces in the Snow!
Ray's first purchase - A Mills Grenade
The traders were a bit thin on the ground at this show, presumably because the frigid conditions had driven most of them away! It actually felt colder inside the building known as Slip 5, possibly because of its concrete floor and iron framework. This is actually a Grade I Listed building built between 1847-8 and is quite a sight to behold once you are inside.

Panther Track - Just £165 each!

Inside the meat locker warehouse

I restricted my purchases to a couple of replica tank regiment badges and stuck for the most part to taking photo's. Ray on the other hand is a dedicated collector. He bought a few original insignia and a couple of Mills Grenades to add to his growing collection in his Man Cave.

I'll have to come to one of these events again (they are held every month) but I think next time I'll do it in the summer!


  1. Sounds like a good time, even if it was cold. Good hunting on your next trip.

  2. looks like a lot of fun, panther tracks cool very cool

    1. I so wanted to buy the Panther Track but my life wouldn't have been worth living. Bless her! Collecting militaria is an expensive hobby and you have really got to know what you're buying.

  3. Yes Chatham Maritime, had a shop in the outlet till 7 months ago :-(

    I have always enjoyed collectors fairs but not been to one in years and years


  4. Brrrrrrr! Looks like a great event, wouldn't mind having gone but not sure of the response from the good lady wife if I'd brought back a couple of Mills bombs.

    1. I just enjoy going to get some interesting photo's and to watch my Brother-in-law spend large amounts of cash. We have a system, if I see something I know he'll like I make a show of 'stopping' him from buying it, then turn my back while he does just that.

  5. We need to man up especially from someone who spent a lot of time in Siberia for ignoring orders, good plan with the brother-in-law though...


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