Friday 22 April 2011

Bovington - More Tanky Goodness

As mentioned in my earlier post I had a unique opportunity to visit the Tank Museum at Bovington twice in the space of a week. The first visit took advantage of the opening day for the new exhibit, Battlegroup Afghanistan but when I returned I focused on some of the tanks that I had 'ignored' previously.

This slideshow includes some detailed pictures of the allied desert armour from the second world war. I also took some time to explore in more detail the Allied tanks from the NW Europe campaign, including an interesting 'experimental' version of a beefed up Churchill tank. I hope you like the pictures.


    It's a long way from here so thanks for the visual tour.

  2. Great slide show and very useful as a painting guide

  3. Thanks for posting, an excellent album

  4. Nicely done again, see you tommorow.

  5. im glad to know that germans painted as well as i do.

  6. Very cool pictures and alot of good reference material for painting.


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