Friday 11 February 2011

Adrenalin Rush on Omaha Beach

I don't often play computer games but now and again I will dip my toe into the ocean of electronic games and have a paddle. But this time I got more than my feet wet because I ended up storming Omaha beach.

My Brother-in-law game me the computer game Medal of Honor: Allied Assault a few months ago and I've been playing it little by little in between painting projects. It's not a bad first person shoot-em-up and was pretty entertaining throughout with an opportunity to try out various missions and a range of weapons and combat situations. But one section stood out - by far - for it's sheer cinematic quality. The D-Day assault of Omaha beach took my breath away (and life on several occasions).

I tend to play wearing headphones so the music and sound effects don't bother the people around me and for this mission this policy paid dividends. The virtually surround sound noise of the action made this one of the most realistic representations of an opposed beach landing. This video on YouTube shows the whole assault in all its terrible glory.

I hasten to add this video isn't of my game-play (I die a lot) but does show the whole mission from riding in on the LCA's through to getting off the beaches and into the German defences.

I've played this mission several times now and it still stands out as a breathtaking and terrifying experience. Not surprising really as Steven Spielberg had a hand in its design (way back in 2002) and utilised ideas and scenes from his film Saving Private Ryan. Its an old game now but still worth picking up in a bargain bin if you get a chance.


  1. I loved this game, it was a bitch to get off that bloody beach.

  2. If you hadn't told me how to get off that bloody beach Fran, I'd still be there now, mind you I'd have me trunks on, sun tan lotion and a beer. Where did I go wrong??


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