Wednesday 26 May 2010

Wargames Illustrated 272

I received my copy of Wargames Illustrated (issue 272) yesterday and as usual I was not disappointed. This months theme is Napoleonic and focuses on the often complex political landscape and loyalties of that period. Like many gamers I enjoy looking at Napoleonic display games with their brightly coloured ranks of soldiers and regimental colours. This issue is full of full colour pictures to whet your appetite and stimulate the senses.

Whether you play the period or not I defy anyone not to find something of interest in this issue.

  • FIGHTING FOR KING AND COUNTRY - An Introduction to Napoleonic Europe and the thread that runs through the magazine, the career of Wilhelm von Dörnberg.
  • OLD SOLDIERS NEVER DIE - Lübeck 1806 is a scenario fighting one of von Dörnberg’s early battles.
  • CREATING A KINGDOM: WESTPHALIA - The Kingdom of Westphalia was the centrepiece of the Confederation of the Rhine and this article looks at its rise and fall.
  • THE BATTLE OF LEIPZIG - The largest of Napoleon’s battles. An excellent photo-report of a recreation of this battle.
  • GRENADIER A PIED DE LA GARDE IMPERIALE - Napoleon’s elite infantry.
  • PROJECT HOUGOUMONT -Here’s how you can get involved with the project to renovate Hougoumont Chateau.
  • THE DEVELOPMENT OF FOG: RENAISSANCE - Author Richard Bodley Scott walks through the development and game-play of the soon-to-be-released rules.
  • WARGAMING THE ROMAN ARMY - PART 1 - The first of two article looking at the development of the Roman army, from the foundation of Rome to the decline of the Empire.
  • GREAT WARRIORS: BERDAN'S SHARPSHOOTERS - Part of an occasional series.
  • ON PATROL WITH THE DEVIL'S BRIGADE - A Flames of War scenario for WWII Italy.
  • WASHING THE SPEARS WITH THE MATABELE - The military history of a warrior nation.
  • HOW TO BUILD A DUTCH WINDMILL - An excellent building guide.

As an added bonus this months issue comes with this excellent Osprey guide absolutely free. I'm not about to rush out and buy a Napoleonic Army (despite the excellent range of choices in both metal and plastic now available to gamers) but I'm still looking forward to reading this guide.

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