Monday 3 May 2010

Lashendene Air Warfare Museum

While I was on holiday I had a chance to visit the Lashendean Air Warfare Museum near Ashford in Kent. This museum is on the site of a wartime airfield that still operates today. Indeed the day I went there were several plane loads of skydivers getting ready to jump out of perfectly good aircraft... for fun!

Photography is by prior permission so I emailed a few days in advance and was duly told I could take pictures.

This was a very interesting museum with everything laid out in an organised and informative way. All the artifacts were carefully displayed and the individual stories associated with them presented in an interesting way. Some museums bombard you with loads of reading and frankly can be a little boring. Lashendean however presented enough information to make the 'story' easy to read.

I also thought there was an interesting selection of artifacts on display, from parts of recovered aircraft to models and personal memorabilia.


  1. Yes its a great museum bonus being its on the busy little Headcorn Airfield where the tiger club are based including the oldest Tiger Moth in the world G - ACDC (1933). Glad they let you take photo's. there is an excellent 'small Beltring' event held there in August,run by the Invicta military vehicle club (who started Beltring)good attendance by aircraft including Mustang 'Big Beautiful Doll', Harvards, |Chipmuncks etc etc

  2. Great pics - thanks for sharing! Reminds me that I really need to go check out the Flying Heritage Collection, also known as the Paul Allen museum here in Washington state.


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