Monday 12 April 2010

Salute 2004

There's a little under two weeks to go to the Salute show at Excel in London on Saturday the 24th April. This is easily my favourite event of the year and I'm looking forward to it with growing excitement. In celebration of this years event I'll be posting all my pictures from the last six years. Today here are my pictures from the first show I went to in 2004.

Look out for my pictures from the 2005 show on Wednesday.


  1. Nice photos. I look foward to seeing the pictures from this year since I will not be attending. Thanks for the taking the time out of shopping and seeing the games to snap the pictures.

  2. I shall be attending. My first Salute was when it was held in Chelsea(?) Town Hall in Kensington.

  3. I remember Kensington, too!

    Do please drop by and say hello, Lee.


  4. It's always great to see photos of gaming shows. I will not be attending Salute, a little too far for me and bad memories of Excel when I was working. I do however look forward to seeing more of your show review photos.



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