Monday 1 February 2010

Panzerfaust vs T34

I recently came across this YouTube video by a Polish reenactment group, SRH Pomerania. This particular recreation is of the Battle of Kosakowo (?) and features a particularly spectacular Panzerfaust attack on a Russian T34. This short film is excellently done and all I can say is these guys really know how to put on a show!


  1. I suspect that Health and Safety regs are a little lax where this re-enactment took place. I can't imagine how that explosion could be 'safe' and I suspect the guy commanding the T34 s**t his pants when the fireball went up around him!

    I can almost hear him yelling like a mad man when he got out the tank..."You blew up my tank! I've spent 20 years restoring it and you ****ing set it on fire!!"

  2. Wow .... I am sure the guy in the tank was not expecting that lol

  3. Holy Cow! That looked dangerous! I assume the guy rolling on the floor had a lucky escape - it could have taken his head off!


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