Friday 5 February 2010

New Layout Suggestions

Hi folks. I've just added a Painting Tally List to the sidebar. I made a New Year Resolution to paint more than last year so this tally will help keep me (and you, my conscience) informed how I am doing. I'll update it whenever I finish a new project.

I'm also considering adding new pages to my Blog. A recent new development of Blogger is the ability for users to create additional pages. This feature lets you easily publish static information - such as a Gallery for instance - on stand-alone pages. You can create ten such pages and Blogger lets you add links to them as tabs at the top of your blog, or as links in your blogs sidebar. The big question is, what to do with this new facility? So I'm throwing this out to my readers for suggestions. What pages would you like to see?

As always thanks for your feedback and ideas.


  1. Definitely a gallery. I might look at doing this on mine as well.

    Like the Painting tally idea - I will shamelessly nick that for my site!

  2. Hi Lee - I've been thinking of ways to try to put Word documents on Blogger. Do you think the new pages might work for this? I'd really like the facility to post army lists easily for the battle reports. The only other way I can think of to do this is to post them to a Yahho group and then place a link in a standard Blogger post, which is a bit clumsy...


  3. Phil B... nick any idea you like, I do! I think a gallery is very likely once I've worked out the details.

    Caliban... Not sure if adding documents is possible. The information on creating Pages suggests they are built using widgets just like a normal blog page. There might be a widget for adding docs but I don't know of one.

  4. That's pretty much what I thought. If I find an easy to to do it, I'll let you know! In the meantime, I guess it's going to be good old-fashioned direct typing...

    Cheers again

  5. Done! My painting tally is now up (and looks effing daunting!).

    Need to think about the pages bit - may do an Eye Candy page for pictures and a Tips page for all painting and terrain tips. Caliban's Army List is also a good idea...


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