Thursday 23 May 2024

Partizan 2024: Pick of the Photos

It's a few days since Partizan 2024 and I wanted to share some of my favourite pictures from the games on display. For the full lineup, I recommend watching my video (linked below) or visiting Ray's Partizan post for more pictures. The photos below only represent a tiny proportion of the 550+ pictures I took and don't show every game on display. They are just my favourite photos from a day that was a visual feast from beginning to end. 
All Hell Let Loose - Bloody Omaha in 6mm

Hornsea Contemptibles - ECW

The Gentleman Pensioners - Sharp Practice on the Cape Frontier

Huntingdon & District - 28mm AWI - Guildford Courthouse 1781

Harrogate Wargames Club - Welcome to the Jungle

League of Gentleman Alchemists - 28mm Home Guard

Morris & Chums - Midguard - The Silmarillion

Simon Miller - The Relife of Norchester

Peter Dennis - 10mm Plexiglas The Battle of Plexidorf

The Bodkins - 28mm Rove v's Sassanids

The Bodkins - 28mm Rove v's Sassanids

Derby Wargames Society - 20mm WW2 Eastern Front

Boondock Sayntes - Indian Mutiny

Westbury Wargames - The Successors

Yarkshire Wargamer - Italian Wars

Barely Legal Wargames - 28mm South American Wars of Independence - Battle of Carabobo

Chesterfield Old Boys - 1/35th WW2 Skirmish -  Into the Reich

Forest Outlaws - Battle of Blandensburg

1st Corp - Mexican American War

1st Corp - Mexican American War

Phil Olley - One Steppe at a Time

North Riding Wargames Club - Sudan it's Hot Here Sir

Durham Wargames Group - Battle of Fulford Gate

League of Extraordinary Kriegspeilers - Back of Beyon down to the Adriatic Sea

Steve Jones - Freemans Farm

Steve Jones - Freemans Farm

Kallistra/Forest Outlaws - Siege of Belgrade


  1. Lee, this is much more manageable (and digestible) approach to show photo spreads rather than a massive data dump. Pick out your favorites and highlight. The reader can then focus on the detail of a few snapshots.
    You have a good eye.

    1. Honestly picking a handful was really hard. I took over 500 pictures and there wasn't a duffer among them. That's no reflection on my basic photography skills, but rather the outstanding quality of the games. It's hard to take a bad picture when the subject matter is so good.

    2. I would echo Jonathan's comments.

  2. A fantastic batch of photos of an absolutely breathtaking show, Lee! 6mm is not my thing at all but I really think the Bloody Omaha game is possibly the winner by a nose - it's like looking at a diorama at a D Day Museum or something - the terrain in particular is remarkable!

  3. Cheers Lee for sharing your trip to an excellent wargame show.


  4. Excellent selection Lee. I have to echo Jonathan's comments above.


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