Tuesday 21 May 2024

Partizan 2024 Photo Report

A photo review of the games at this year's Partizan. It was another amazing show with incredible miniature art, creativity and fun. This is a longer video than usual, so sit back and enjoy the music...or turn the volume down to zero and put on a podcast instead!


  1. A brilliant round up of the show Lee. Nice work ol boy!

  2. Big Lee,
    Thanks for posting this visual feast. The TYW and ECW presentations were especially attractive. I heard that Simon Miller was distracted from his own spectacular game by the Bodkins set up featuring Romans and Sassanids. Understand this having seen a few snaps of the very colorful (colourful) game.
    Did you or any of your Posties Pals participate in any of the games shown?
    Have you ever been to a wargames show/convention in a different country? If you have or have not, what are your impressions and opinions of the similarities and differences?
    At the risk of appearing "unpatriotic," it seems that Partizan and other UK shows set the standard. Over here, games seem a little more, well . . . less than. Further proof, I suppose, that comparison is the thief of joy, our at least the enjoyment of playing at war with miniature models - whether they be 1/3000th scale battleships, 28mm figures, of plexiglass "figures."
    Thanks again for posting this entertaining tour of Partizan.


    1. We didn't get to play any games. There is so much packed into the show and too few hours to drool over the games and play some as well. UK shows are heavily into demo and trade shows and are usually one day events. On the plus side we do get treated to serious eye-candy.

  3. Splendid presentation of the show Lee. Well done and thank you for the effort you went to in order to produce this.


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