Monday 29 January 2024

History on the Tabletop: Writing scenarios for Wargaming Real Battles

Turning the great battles of history into an exciting tabletop wargame is more than just throwing together a list of the units that took part. This week I discuss my approach to scenario writing.


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  2. I agree with most of your points. At Test of Resolve writing and paytesting scenarios is not only part of our product development process to me it is the key part. Most scenarios get played through at least seven or eight times and with as many different people as we can rope in as it gets finalised. They allow the rules to be tested to their limits. One difference between us is that I do think balance is important. The people playing the scenario need to have a decent (although not equal) chance of winning. Finally I would emphasise the use of scenario specific rules, as you have suggested. These often provide a twist that make the game both memorable and entertaining to the participants.


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