Tuesday 30 January 2024

Barbarians of the Icy North (Library: Overdue & Returns)

The air is frigid and the ground frozen hard, but this band of barbarians seem to barely notice the cold. My latest entry to the Painting challenge is a group of plastic figures from North Star that I bought preassembled on a bring-and-buy stall some years ago. 

Long overdue some attention they are now ready to join my growing fantasy/frostgrave collection of figures. 

In the Painting Challenge, I also claimed the Challenge Library “Overdues and Returns” bonus for these because not only have they rested in my pile-o-shame for at least a year, but they presumably sat in someone else's pile-o-shame before that before being sold. So these are long long overdue for their coat of paint as well as being a return to an old project from Challenge Ten, way back in 2019. 


  1. Looking great - I particularly like the subdued, earthy tones - the Conan-esque figure in horned helmet is particularly good !

  2. Some very nice work on these Lee!

  3. Wow you are busy! Nice work and if I make it to broadside I’ll make a point of saying hello! I missed you last time Lord only knows how!


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