Tuesday 31 October 2023

RE Play Wargames Show

A short video of the RE-Play Wargames Show which took place at the Royal Engineers Museum in Gillingham on Saturday. This was a new show organised by the Milton Hundreds at the request of the Museum. I think it was a great success, especially considering it was put together with just a few weeks notice. My understanding is that there are already discussions about running this event again next year and I think the Rejects would certainly enjoying participating again. 


  1. Thanks for posting. Looks like it was a varied and entertaining day out. Although, a little too much Sci-Fi for my taste. Appears that the PRs were practicing (practising) what you preach with the Zulu game presented. What was table size? What rules were used? How was crowd reaction/interest? What was the game that you found most attractive or interesting, presuming you were able to get away from commanding the thin red line? Thanks again for posting. The tiny figures seem the or one way to go. Recently saw some blog entries with some very nice looking Napoleonic and Ancient scenarios with the little lead lads.

    1. Lots of questions bey lots of answers....
      Our table was 6ftx4ft.
      Posties own rules but heavily based on a set called "The 1879 Zulu War and Boar Conflict" by Richard Tory.
      Interest was good but we have our patter well practiced so we make an effort to engage with visitors.
      I personally really liked the Villers Boccarge game using What a Tanker.

  2. Great stuff Lee, as a ex Sapper I would love to attend that show!


    1. Looks like it will be repeated next year.


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