Friday 13 October 2023

Casualty Rates in Wargames

My Sunday video from last week...which I inexplicably forgot to publish on the blog!

Are the casualty rates in most wargame rules unrealistically high? Or do mechanisms such as figure removal represent a more complex picture of declining unit effectiveness?

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  1. The "Force on Force" rules for miniatures considers a number of factors in morale checks for units. Originally published by Osprey it's out of print currently but available from sites like eBay in soft cover or hardcover. For squad level modern combat it considers not just KIA/WIA losses but type of weapons used against the unit, fatigue based on # of turns they've been in combat, the level of their leadership etc. Osprey published a number of companion books for various modern conflicts and the originator of the riles, Ambush Alley Games also provided some variant info to use the same rules for WWII and other conflicts. Games can be played in a small area, 2' x 2' or 4' x 4' depending on the scale you prefer, best for 15mm to 25mm figures though I've doe it with 6mm as well. My brother and I have been playing for several years an ongoing fictional campaign in early 2000's Iraq. Highly recommend.


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