Sunday 16 July 2023

Travelling to Shows

How far have you traveled to visit a show or convention? Here in the UK, we are a bit spoilt for opportunities but that doesn't mean we wouldn't travel hundreds of miles for a good show.


  1. My primary reason for going to shows is to game and I like variety so I will travel to get that experience. The furthest I have done in the UK is 500 miles, Falkirk to Plymouth, but that was part of a holiday. My longest trip of all was to Hurricon in Orlando approx 4140 miles and that was a gaming only trip

  2. Hello BigLee. Furthest I have gone for a game is over 200 miles each way there and over 200 miles back from the deepest West Country to Woking (home of HG Wells of Little Wars fame, grandfather of modern gaming) for the Little Wars Revisited forum 54mm Gaming Day in March this year. Open to all.
    54mm might be a bit niche for some and there were only a handful of players in a small venue on a single day but it was really enjoyable, sociable good fun. Well worth that long crowded train journey (with well packed figures and terrain to take) each way! The next (Northern) one is in Stockport in autumn then hopefully Woking again next March.


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