Sunday 9 July 2023

Talking to Non-Wargamers at shows

When wargamers put on demo games at shows we never know who may come up to our table to chat. Not everyone will be a wargamer, and at some shows, like last weekend's Rapture Gaming Festival, most of the visitors will have never seen a wargame before. So when we talk to members of the public should we change how we present our hobby compared to how we would talk to fellow hobbyists?

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  1. When I used to stage games at the many shows I attended it was always difficult to pitch it. I found most had an understanding of some of the history, especially if Napoleonic or other periods that may have been taught, but usually the history was an issue. Then of course how does one describe wargaming without sounding like a complete anorak. It was especially difficult when we used scales for figures, moves etc. One could see people glaze over. That became easier as each set of rules returned to simpler ideas, ie a base representing a unit etc.One thing I did emphasise was how enjoyable it was to research and paint the figures. People could easily relate to the skill and pleasure that gives. So I always made my terrain look good, the figures turned out well and always added some unusual dioramas to talk to people about. The key is, never patronise, never be creepy, and we've all met those type of wargamers and always be polite.


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