Tuesday 4 October 2022

2mm French Wars of Religion: Play-testing new rules

Posties Reject's scholar in residence, Richard, has been collecting 2mm miniatures for the French Wars of Religion since the beginning of the year. Painting two armies didn't take long and then he started work on creating a set of rules for the period. He unveiled them in the shed-o-war on Sunday for a play-test (or stress-test when the rejects are concerned!) to get our feedback and to work out any issues. Everyone involved loved the miniatures and enjoy the rules, but more importantly, Richard went home with a load of notes and things to consider for the next revision of the rules. I expect he will be posting more details on his blog My Wargaming Habit in due course so pop over and take a look there.

 In the meantime here are a few teaser pictures from the weekend. 

Small but perfectly formed. 

Nice neat lines... but not for long.

The green dice indicate Quality and the white dice Cohesion (which can go up or down during the game). 

The figures may be tiny but the level of concentration and thought that went into this game was huge. 

Before anyone asks, I won't say much more about the rules at this point. They aren't mine to unveil and besides, they aren't ready yet so everything we tested on Sunday is still up for revision. I expect Richard has lots to ponder in the months ahead. What I can say is that everyone involved enjoyed this first sneak peek and are no doubt looking forward to the next iteration of the rules, as am I. 


  1. You know, this looks pretty cool! I cannot belieive you played a 2mm battle on a 6' x 4' table.

    1. 2mm Pike and Shot units look amazing at this scale. There is probably a lot for Richard to think about (he may end up changing a lot) but based on this first play test I'm sure whatever changes he makes will just make it even more fun to play.

  2. F..A..aabulous game, only reservation, the eye is rather drawn to the tiny dice that look huge in comparison

  3. If you go any smaller you will be playing with imaginary figures!

  4. I thought both the figures and rules were pretty impressive! 10/10 Rich!

  5. The figures look great. Very well presented. Well done Richard.
    Agree with Scarlet on the dice, but that's just a personal preference. I guess from a practical point of view, it's a question of how else do you record the information you need to record.

  6. Lovely photos Lee. Thanks for being a guinea pig in this.

  7. 2mm pike and shot look great! I can't say I'm not tempted myself after finding 6mm a bit too fiddly for all my ambitions of big battles in smaller scales. Alas, I'm trying my hand now at a step up with 10mm Pendraken. We'll see if that takes!


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