Sunday 21 August 2022

Downtime on Holiday

I've been away for a couple of weeks so today's video is more of an apology for not having a scripted subject to talk about...but I'm feeling very rested and ready to get stuck into my hobby again so taking time out from my usual schedule hasn't been all bad. 

I'll probably talk more about the holiday in a later video but in the meantime here is a small taste of the excellent museums I had a chance to visit. 

Staffordshire Regiment Museum

Recreated trenches at the Staffordshire Regiment Museum

Model of the AZW battle of Ulundi using hundreds of flats

Whitby Abby

We watched a performance of Dracula with the abbey as its backdrop

Bolton Castle

The castle had a Wars of the Roses themed living history display taking place

This guy brought some equipment from the Armouries at Leeds 

The Castle Museum at York

Victorian shopfronts included this toyshop

...and this Apothecary

The York Army Museum

A WWI Cavalryman charges between the exhibits

Leeds Armouries

A reenactor describes the Battle of Bosworth

The Agincourt Diorama

The Agincourt diorama

A Wars of the Roses bowman

Ripon Cathedral

Inside Ripon Cathedral

The Jorvik Viking Centre in York

Jorvik Viking Centre

As usual, I took hundreds of pictures and many still need to be correctly labelled which will keep me busy for a few days.


  1. Nice holiday. Always plenty to see in God's Country.

  2. Very interesting trip! Rip on Cathedral looks stunning.

  3. Looks like a splendid holiday Lee. Thanks for sharing.


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